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Passionate about inspiring others

How can we perform best in our changing world and give trust and room to develop? This is a challenge we are facing every day, not only in personal life but also in our working environment.

freshr can help organisations develop HR programs and processes that fit the business strategy and the organisational culture and help people and organisations to grow and to perform better.

freshr stands for Frederike Saan HR Services with a fresh view on HR and delivering the best possible solutions to people and business. Frederike provides the following HR Services


Does your organisation temporarily need an HR Manager or senior HR Business Partner, please contact freshr for the possibilities.


Specialised in both national as international recruitment, freshr can help develop your company by finding the talents that fit your organisation.


No time to give dedicated attention to an assignment within HR, don’t hesitate to get in contact with freshr to execute short projects or for HR advice.

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